We Tell Stories Through Textiles


Iain MacDonald, creative director and founder of Sleekit created the brand because of his love for printed fabrics. With a background in fine art, graphic design & textile design, Iain brings his work to life in a fun and artsy way. 

All the designs are hand painted and the art work for the scarves become digitally printed to luxurious silk fabric.  Inspiration for the prints can be found through books, Iain loves telling stories through his prints and his textile designs capture that narrative. Each collection will feature Iain's narrative fashion collections, telling stories through textiles. You can own a piece of the tale and be a part of the story with each Sleekit collection.

Every product is designed in Scotland and made in the U.K.

Winner of the Scotland Re:Designed 2016 'New Talent Accessories award'.

‘I love the idea of telling stories through textiles and producing hand drawn prints inspired by books that come to life for people to wear. I believe that it is with print that a person can show their individuality and add pops of colour to their life.’ – Founder 

Stay tuned for our next AW2017collection where we will take inspiration from folklore and our muse The Brothers Grimm.